Meet You at the Blossom

1 Seasons - 5 Episodes

2024 ON AIR 40 min

Jin Xiao Bao, the son of the wealthiest man along the Jiangnan region, falls in love with icy, white-clothed beauty Huai En due to an unexpected meeting. This young woman he sees as his future wife, however, seems to have aroused a lot of enmity. When he comes to the rescue of an injured Huai En who's tainted by an aphrodisiac, the true identity of this beauty is revealed.

Director: Shui Qiang Cheng

Genre: Drama

Cast: Du Le, Jing Feng, Kou Wei Long, Li Jun Liang, Liu Xin, Ni Song Yang, Song Jia Xi, Sukonlaphat Sribubpha, Wang Yun Kai

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